Release of Inventaire 1.0.1

Release of Inventaire 1.0.1


In this update :


– Correction of the localizations.
– New icon.
– New menu.
– New interface for the insurances.
– New interface for the places.
– New interface for the preferences.
– New toolbar.
– New background for insurances.


– Icons for the places, objects and files.
– Right Click for the places, objects and insurances.
– New listing for the insurances.

Inside Inventaire

– New preferences panel.
– New file type. (inve)
– New way to save listings.
– New section menu.
– New help menu.
– Addition of the notifications.
– Correction of the codes.
– Correction of the listings.
– Correction of the currencies.
– Correction of each button.
– Correction of the menu.


– Block the edition of the places.
– Block the edition of the insurances.
– Display the statistics.
– Choose the default name of the objects.
– The currencies are now in the main window.